Saturday, May 18, 2019

VIRTUAL Junk Journal Retreat - JUNE 3-16

Facebook Craft Fair - Exclusive tutorials and artist showcases.

Are you ready to learn about junk journals, see some amazing journals and art, receive exclusive printables, receive exclusive tutorials and videos, receive exclusive coupons to various shops and artists? For example; Linda Israel, Calico Collage, Heavenly Designs, thatsjustpenny, Ichy Chic Designs, Vintage Faith Journals, Dollar Digital with Marcy Coate.

Then you don't want to miss this June Retreat filled with items each day, several times a day.

Fourteen days filled with instruction videos, journal flip throughs, tutorials, and exclusive discounts and offers from a growing list of vendors.

GO HERE for more information and registration guide.
GO HERE if you're interested in signing up as a vendor

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2019 Scrap Busting Challenge. Have you joined the fun?

We're 4 months into our 2019 Challenge. How are you doing?

I hope you're having fun finding a zillion ways to tackle those bags of scraps you've got stashed away. One small project each month is doable and stress-free. Don't overthink or plan elaborate items. Just create something you'd like to keep for yourself or an item you'd like to give away.

It's never too late to join the challenge. Jump in and have some fun... Have you fallen behind in submitting your challenge projects? No problem - check the challenge update here for instructions on how to catch up.

Current Challenge Standing:
Carrie - 4 of 12 - projects submitted
Kitty - 5 of 12 - projects submitted
Anne - 5 of 12 - projects submitted
Marsha - 2 of 12 - projects submitted
Wilma - 1 of 12 - project submitted
Shirlee - 1 of 12 - project submitted
Lynda (Me) - 5 of 12 - projects submitted

Here are the new projects submitted for our challenge participants.

Anne is new to our challenge and has submitted five projects that catches her up and she is now current and on track.
Project 1: Piano keys attached to a credit card tape to keep clean and rolled up

Anne Project 2: A jeans decoration for a package decoration.

Anne Project 3: Letters of my grandsons names glued on scraps

Anne Project 4: A new pc of material made from scraps of material and ribbon that I sewed on using wash away to keep them in place. Then I will cut heart shapes or other shapes to use as applique on jeans purses or little girl's blouses.

Anne Project 5: These are page bookmarks.
You put it on the corner of the page.
The triangle can go on either the right or left corner. It's 2-1/2" sq, 1 rt side up, 1 folded

 Kitty's Project:
I've been thinking about art journaling so I thought I would dress up the the little binders I use a lot. I.made slip covers for the front and back covers.

My (Lynda's) March Project is Junk Journal and Scrapbook page embellishments. Created using fabric, trims, laces, and paper.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Be the ONLY ONE to own one of these ONE-OF-A-KIND journal/scrapbook embellishment collections.

This month at Icky Chic Designs the focus is on soft colors and shabby chic elegance. Bringing those elements together in a fun and versatile collection of embellishments for all your journaling and scrapbooking needs is going to make May an exciting and creative month.

Soft color tones mixed with lace, custom trims, ribbons, and the perfect paper gives shabby chic its romantic appeal. It's one of my favorite styles and I never get tired of designing them.

Want your project to stand out from the crowd? Keep it original. That's hard to do when using kits and downloads that everyone else is using. Adding elements from Icky Chic Designs'  
ONE-OF-A-KIND collections will take you where you want to go.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Insight #1 for the Dim-Witted Creative - Comfortable, yet Searching

Before reading further, you might want to see if you qualify as a Dim-Witted Creative.

You'll find my discussion on that here. After making sure that you're a certifiable dimwit, return and continue the journey with Insight #1.

Dim-Witted Creatives live a double-life in a muddled world. Here's an example of our fluctuating mind-sets.
  • I'm an artist - or maybe I'm delusional
  • I'm a creative - or maybe I'm just messy
  • I'm a natural born talent - no, I'm a miserable copycat
  • I design originals - no, that can't be true because my originals are a result of fixing mistakes
  • I've mastered many techniques - but truthfully, I don't understand most of them
  • My creative space is state-of-the-art - no, it's an over-sized closet with overflowing and unorganized chaos
  • My friends and family understand and adore my quirky talent - no, they humor and tolerate my craziness 
The really wonderful thing about all this craziness is what emerges from our topsy-turvy thoughts. Isn't it a fact that sometimes you surprise yourself with an ingenious technique, new method, beautiful design, or a finished project that looks like it came from a true creative? Don't you at times stand back and just say, WOW! I can't believe I created that. Where did the idea come from? How did I know to do this or that? 

Truth is, you didn't know, not consciously anyway. But the creative spirit that permeates every bone of your body does. All it needs you to do is to just dive in, give that creative spirit, energy, muse, or whatever you want to call it, a world of its own. Let it live and breathe. Follow wherever it wants to take you. You provide the comfort and it will do the searching for you.

Friday, April 26, 2019

What's New at Icky Chic Designs? (April 2019 - Set #7) - Handmade Journal and Scrapbook Embellishments

This month at Icky Chic Designs the focus is on bits and pieces. Bringing those elements together in a fun and versatile collection of embellishments.

Layering up fabric scraps on a card stock backing makes for quirky pockets and tucks. Layered snippets make fun page clusters. And don't forget to coordinate a hidden paperclip.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Make the Switch - Unlock Your Creative Ingenuity Key # 13

Stagnation is a roadblock to creativity! What kind of stagnation, you ask?

Do you have one or two creative processes that you love and always do? When is the last time you switched to something new? It doesn't have to be completely different, but different enough to utilize different skills, problem solving, tools, and materials.

When we lose our inspiration, become sluggish in our enthusiasm for a new project, and have no desire to complete projects already started, it 's a really good sign we're in stagnation mode.

I love to design and create fabric art, but sometimes, I switch to other things to give that set of skills a rest, so to speak. Depending on my circumstances, I might spend more time in my flower garden, visiting festivals and art shows, dreaming up new recipes to try on my husband, or continue working on a new book I've started writing.

Lately, due to some health issues, I've needed to find something to do that allows me to sit while
working with my fabrics, etc. So, for a while, I'll switch from my fabric art to designing scrapbook and journaling embellishments, some of which I will sell in my Etsy Shop.

Making the switch, not only accommodates my physical situation, but in a positive aspect, it serves as a refreshing break from my normal creative processes and prevents creative stagnation.

When life throws you a curve, creatively speaking, just Make-the-Switch. Find a positive spark and go with that.

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