Friday, October 12, 2018

Series: 'Red Window in the Athens Sun' Workshop Participant Showcase #1

I'm so thrilled with all the beautiful fabric art that was created by the participants in my recently completed 'Red Window in the Athens Sun' workshop. I will be showcasing their work over the next few weeks in a series of posts. So check back often and don't forget to comment.

Inspiration Photo by Kat Lovasi

The workshop participants were all using the same inspiration image, a photo by photographer Kat Lovasi.

I think you will agree that the diversity of style and expression are amazing.

Sharon  created this lovely version:

Interview with Sharon

1. Did this project challenge you? Yes

2. Did you enjoy the process? Very much

3. Did you learn something new/different and stretch your boundaries? Yes

4. What was the easiest/hardest concept or technique to accomplish? Easiest..was applying steam a seam. Probably hardest was finding colors and shapes I fabric I wanted to use

5. Were you surprised that you accomplished such a complicated piece without a pattern or template? Yes

6. Did you Develop/improve your Artist Eye? Always improved in the artist eye techniques.

7. How do you feel about your personal accomplishment? Very happy in the process. Do you like your artwork? Yes, becomes magical as you work on it with all the colors and shapes.

8. Were you surprised by your own creativity, innovative decisions, and how? As confidence builds, you become creative and encourage yourself to make trial runs of your own and embracing the learning curve.

9. Did this project increase/decrease your creative confidence? How
Yes creativity was very much increased,...just by doing

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