Saturday, October 13, 2018

Series: 'Red Window in the Athens Sun' Workshop Participant Showcase #2

I'm so thrilled with all the beautiful fabric art that was created by the participants in my recently completed 'Red Window in the Athens Sun' workshop. I will be showcasing their work over the next few weeks in a series of posts. So check back often and don't forget to comment.

Inspiration Photo by Kat Lovasi

The workshop participants were all using the same inspiration image, a photo by photographer Kat Lovasi.

I think you will agree that the diversity of style and expression are amazing.

Catherine created this lovely version:

Interview with Catherine

1. Did this project challenge you? Yes it did as I am not arty at all and never done a collage quilt.

2. Did you enjoy the process? I loved every minute of seeing this come to live before my eyes.

3. Did you learn something new/different and stretch your boundaries? I learnt not to fuse too many fabrics as it takes a lot of time (lol).

4. What was the easiest/hardest concept or technique to accomplish? I think having lots of colors to choose from helped me find the similar color to the picture but the little branches in the corner were hard to do. Cutting little pieces is easier to place if you use tweezers.

5. Were you surprised that you accomplished such a complicated piece without a pattern or template? I am amazed it actually looks anything like the picture at all.

6. Did you Develop/improve your Artist Eye? Yes I think I can see layers differently.

7. How do you feel about your personal accomplishment? Do you like your artwork? I love my artwork, I never thought I would finish it.

8. Were you surprised by your own creativity, innovative decisions, and how? I have never had artistic flair and am happy with decisions I made on this piece. I did change the white flowers to pale purple, just because I like the color purple.

9. Did this project increase/decrease your creative confidence? Now I feel ready to try something else in collage and this project has definitely given me the confidence to so it.

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