Sunday, November 4, 2018

14 Things That Inspire Me to Create - Fabric Artist Lynda Coker

For me, like most other artisans, creation begins with inspiration.
Sometimes that inspiration comes with an idea I dream up in my head. At other times, inspiration comes from what I see in art, photography, scenic vistas, architecture, nature, and textural items. You can see some examples of work I've created in my Gallery.

Lately, with my focus on teaching my fabric art workshops, I've focused on paintings and photographic images for inspiration. When I find a painting or photographic image that inspires me and impels me to create it in fabric, then I know I have something that I can teach with passion.

So, that leads to the question that I'm most often asked, "What inspires me?"
  1. Since I'm also a writer of contemporary fiction, I'm often inspired by things that have a story element to them.
  2. Things that are mysterious.
  3. Things that spark a fundamentally emotional cord within.
  4. Things that show me what could be.
  5. Things that cry out for embellishments.
  6. Things that invite me to lose myself in them.
  7. Light and Movement in nature
  8. Other artwork
  9. The creative process itself
  10. Memories
  11. Change in seasons
  12. Things that are romantic and whimsical
  13. A feeling in my heart that my brain wants to express
  14. Science, Art, Music, Flowers, Mountains, Water, Sky, Wind, Rain, Touch, Texture, Pattern, etc. etc...
Literally anything can inspire if we're sensitive to inspiration, eager to learn, and not afraid to try something new. And if you're looking for an untapped source of inspiration, check out my new series.

So, now it's your turn. WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

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