Sunday, November 18, 2018

Series: Five Mailboxes Workshop Participant Showcase #1

I'm so delighted by the beautiful fabric art created by the participants in my recently completed ''Five Mailboxes' workshop. I will be showcasing a few of those works, so check back and don't forget to comment.

The workshop participants all used the same inspiration image, a painting by Artist Sally Bartos.

Kitty created this wonderful version

Interview with Kitty:

1. What have you learned?
I’m braver with my fabrics. Even with this being my second project with Lynda, I still had hesitation cutting into the fabrics at the beginning. I really felt like I needed to get it right the first time. With this piece using so many colors I got a lot braver towards the end. The videos helped a lot. In the videos, Lynda talked about the perspective of the piece. It made it much easier to do. And helped me see the detail! I have learned that I’m improving my ‘artist eye.’

2. Do you have a better grasp of your artistic style?
A little bit. I think I would benefit from a discussion of what artistic style is. Right now I see my style as seeing the details and using fabric to recreate the details!

3. Is it getting easier to see detail?
It's getting much easier to see the detail! I do worry that I’m seeing to much detail! But with that being said, I really love seeing the picture come together! I spent a lot of hours working on this piece. Time went by so fast!

4. Things you really like about your work.
I really love the colors and the texture of the piece. I also enjoy the perspective I can see in my version of the painting. The movement of the fence and the sky are my favorite parts!

5. Things you’d change if you were to make this same project again, and why. These are not necessarily things that are wrong, they might just be things you’d like better if you’d done them a little differently.
I would like to change the hills in the back. Maybe use more colors in it. I would like to see more of the rolling hills effect. I would also change the gardens. I do have texture in them. Maybe the texture looks too angular.

Thank you, Kitty, for sharing your thoughts with us. I'm looking forward to working with you in the Mosaic Extravaganza workshop starting January 3rd.  

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  1. Kitty did a fantastic job! I am very impressed with the finished project. I am so excited to be a winner in the giveaway Lynda held.