Thursday, December 6, 2018

Scrap Busting Projects - Quick Gift Idea - Tablet Pouch

Visual Inspiration.

All you need is a few scraps from your craft projects to create this beautiful and useful gift item. I created this tablet pouch from sample scrap swatches, lace, handmade flowers, and trim. The inside is lined with quilted cotton for more protection. It's constructed in one piece, then folded and stitched on the sides. Top flap has a velcro closure. Easy and so much fun to design.


  1. Getting color combinations right is my biggest struggle with these projects. I just don't have enough scraps to make something so awesome like this cute clutch.
    What's your quick fix for this issue?

    1. I often shop Goodwill stores for lingerie items, home decor fabrics, party clothes, etc. to collect a large amount of specialty fabrics and trims at very cheap prices. I shop yard sales, estate sales, and look for fabric sample books that are sold for a low price. After prom season, I often check resale shops for their clearance of dresses that haven't sold. It's amazing how much fabric is in one prom dress or bridesmaid dress, etc. Not to mention the expensive trims that embellish them. Do this for one year and you're sure to have a treasure trove of fabulous fabrics, laces, appliques, beads, and trims.