Saturday, December 29, 2018

Unlock Your Creative Ingenuity - Key #5 - Discover What Shouldn't Be and Find Your Inspiration...

Often, the most admired fabric art and craft designs are those that aren't practical, don't make sense, reverse accepted processes, and disprove industry theory. Why so? Because those designs are bolder than we're comfortable with. They shout "look at me", which is what we'd like to say if we weren't too afraid of being noticed. They're risky adventures and we're the safest creative on the block...

In short, we're drawn to these designs because they display everything we'd like to do but are too scared to try. They touch a part of us we keep under strict control; and we can admire them in complete anonymity.

So how do we creatives who lurk in the shadows aspire to such bold independence in our work? Key #5 can be the path that gets you started in the right direction. Discover something that shouldn't be.

Let's use the photo above to illustrate this key. In theory, grass shouldn't grow in areas where there is little or no soil base for nourishment, yet it obviously does. What is the inspiration in discovering these springs of grass? It might take a little meditation, but see what you can come up with.

Here are a few sprigs of inspiration I found:

  • The very soft against the very hard/solid makes me favor the vulnerable soft element. So, if I want to establish an important focal point in one of my art pieces, I may use this concept. 
  • What appears new/fresh is emphasized against something old and worn. Another great tool for establishing a focal point.
  • Living things appears bolder when set against something inanimate 
  • Vibrant color against neutral sparks my imagination
The longer we study something that shouldn't be, the more we find inspiration and direction for our creative ideas. 

What do you think? Can you put Key #5 to use?

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