Saturday, January 26, 2019

Color Reborn Workshop - 'Create with the heart; build with the mind'~Criss Jami - Key #6

What exactly does it mean to create with the heart and then build with the mind. It may, in fact, mean different things to different people. I can only tell you what it means to me as a fabric artist. Let me illustrate.

Inspiration Image that will be used in the 'Color Reborn' Workshop

When I first saw this image, it spoke to my heart. Why? Because of its color, tranquility, and beauty. My emotions were engaged immediately so that I developed a desire to recreate this image in fabric. Not only that, but I wanted to give it the look and feel of a stained glass window. 

Now is when I need to engage my mind in order to build a version of this image that I want. With my mind, I will pay attention to details of color tonality, depth and dimension, highlight and shadow, movement and intensity. These are things the mind has to do because they require structure, balance, and perspective. When I am finished, I will have built with my mind what my heart saw and desired.

My Color Reborn Fabric Art Workshop is now open for registration. If you'd like to recreate this image along with me, check the workshop details here.

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