Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mosaic Extravaganza Workshop Participant Showcase - Anita's Art

Teaching this Mosaic Extravaganza Workshop was a labor of joy for me because it gave me an opportunity to create my own original design and assist my workshop participants to do the same.

Our goal was to 'cut loose' and scatter some color and shape in whatever theme or illusion we could dream up. In a project that had no boundaries, we were free to find and free the designer in each of us. How fun is that?

Now, let's explore the work of one of the participants' whose love of design and readiness to be challenged resulted in a superb piece of fabric art with energy and movement.

I thank Anita for agreeing to this interview.

1. Have your artistic skills improved from the project exercise at this workshop? Yes. This project helped me focus primarily on color and movement, rather than a pattern or making a picture.

2. Was the event better, worse, or about what you expected?
It was better than expected. I found
Anita's Art 
the inspirational image a little intimidating until I realized that it was an example of what we could do. Then, it became fun.

3. How useful did you find the information presented at the event?
The information was helpful, especially seeing Lynda's project as she worked along with us.

4. Do you feel that the workshop delivered on its goal to help you find and utilize the 'designer' in you? It definitely did. My design stayed within my original idea of "swirly, flowy underwater" but evolved in ways I did not see coming!

5. On a scale of 1-10, how skilled and prepared was the presenter?  9

6. Would you consider taking another workshop with this presenter? Yes, I would.

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