Thursday, February 14, 2019

Watch Over My Shoulder - Seven Moons Fabric Art Series - Phase #1

So many of you have emailed me or taken one of my workshops and the comments I hear most are, "I wish I could just watch over your shoulder while you create." 
So I'm going to try a new series of blog posts that I hope will allow you to do that in a virtual way. These are not meant to be detailed tutorials, but rather, informal work sessions that I hope will spark your imagination, giving you some ideas or thoughts on how you might adapt my design to fit your style and technique. 

I use a black background fabric and an array of cotton fabric, quilting quality. I use a fusible web product and adhere my shapes to the background with a mini/tacking iron. I work on a heat resistant surface, a padded quilters pad.

I like creating abstract designs. One reason is it allows me to use lots of fabric shapes/scraps left over from other projects. I usually start with some concept of shape, color, or motif that gives me a platform to build on. I do not pre-design or preplan my projects. I work by the seat-of-my-pants. Some artist's might say that they work intuitively, instinctually, naturally, etc. However we express it, it simply means we work in-the-moment.

The platform concept for this project is circles, seven of them to be exact. Everything else will grow from these seven shapes. WHAT! There are only six circles? Don't worry, the other one is a little shy and will show up in Phase Two of this series...