Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Watch Over My Shoulder - Seven Moons Fabric Art Series - Phase #2

Before considering Phase #2 of the Seven Moons Fabric Art Series, if you haven't already, you may want to first view Phase #1. Sometimes the beginning is the hardest place to start, especially when working on an original design.

Beginnings don't need to be elaborate concepts. All original artwork begins with a simple stroke-of-the-brush, the first cut of fabric, stitch of thread, etc. The most important step is to just begin...

Moon number seven finally agreed to come on stage and is tucked away in the top, right corner. Next I started contrasting the circles with odd shapes of different sizes. Then, I thought it would be nice if all the moons were connected by a pathway on which we could stroll through the moons at a leisurely pace. 

Remember, that as a fabric artist, I work-in-the-moment. Which means that I respond to random thoughts or inspiration as I'm working. When designing an original piece, I don't preplan, sketch, or outline my concept before I begin. I enjoy letting things develop naturally. It's a little scary sometimes simply because I never know where I'm going to end up until I get there...

I hope you're having fun looking over my shoulder as I work. It's nice to have your company. I'm going to take a short break now and make some brownies. This moon walking can make a person hungry. Be sure to visit again as I'll be working on Phase #3 soon.