Monday, February 25, 2019

When, and to Whom to Give Handmade Gifts and Why?

The WHY part of this question is simply answered. If we care enough about someone to present them with a gift, then we should care even more about how the person receiving it will respond. Depending on culture, upbringing, and attitude, not everyone still values handmade gifts. For instance, a special teenager in your life may much rather have a new electronic gadget than a handmade quilt for their bed. However, given a few years, that same teenager may be begging you to make them their own quilt.

Handmade Tic-Tac-Toe Board with fabric pieces
If we're reasonably sure that the person will appreciate a handmade gift, then the next question is what kind. Think about their fashion or decor preference, their favorite colors, motifs, and textures.

The next part is a no-brainer but needs to be mentioned. Whatever we make, we should be reasonably skilled so that the quality of the item will not suffer. We don't have to be an acclaimed artisan, but we want the item to convey our sincerity.

Fabric Art Greeting Cards are one of my favorite gifts to create.

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I found another adorable idea at the Thread and Thrift Blog by Mandy Pattullo. 

I gifted this fabric art to a friend who fell in love with the doodling concept.
The last thought, but an important factor that I use when creating handmade gifts, is to try and make my items a personal extension of myself and my art. Most of my close friends don't love fabric the way I do, they don't hoard every small scrap, and they don't envision the day they would ever willing use a sewing machine. However, each of them appreciates the imagination, texture, pattern and color that I utilize in my fabric art and my handmade gift items. So, when creating for them, I try to just be myself, have oodles of fun, and create something uniquely theirs.

When was the last time you gave a handmade gift? Do you have a list of favorite items you enjoy making for friends and family?

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