Sunday, March 10, 2019

Reward System for the Stay-At-Home Creative - Unlock Your Creative Ingenuity Key # 9

WHY do we Creatives, especially those of us who work from our homes, need an effective recognition and reward system? The basic purpose of such a program is to improve our motivation, creative growth opportunities, and personal benefits.

When working alone, motivation and productivity can suffer. It's really hard to always be at the top of your game, to be a self-starter and top producer. This is where a well planned personal reward system will keep us super-charged and goal oriented.

While we all enjoy rewarding our family and friends, we often experience a mental block when thinking of rewards for ourself. So here is a list of rewards I've personally used. Use this list as an inspiration platform to create a personalized set of rewards just for you.

Spa Day: Book an appointment for that massage you've been wanting. And why not take a friend with you.

Education Day: Buy that special workshop, tutorial, or seminar you've been wanting to  experience.

Collectors' Day:  Give yourself that perfect item to add to you collection

Garden Day: I use this reward every Spring when I want to add something extraordinary to my yard design.

Better Tools Day: Have you needed a new desk or chair? How about that expensive light fixture, video camera, etc. This is upgrade a tool day!

Hire a Maid Day: Have your entire house professionally cleaned. You'll love this one!

Gadget Day: This is not the same as the Better Tools Day. This one has to be some new gadget that
you've never used before but envied others who did.

Personal Assistant Day. Hire a temporary assistant for the day to help you with whatever work you'd like to complete. Get that studio organized, etc.

Stock the Snacks Day. Get your favorite beverages stock piled. Add some unique and healthy snacks along with water, fruit and nuts. As I've always said, Creatives Need Snacks.

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