Monday, March 4, 2019

Storytelling - Key #8 - Unlocking Your Creative Ingenuity

Every Creative knows that there is a story behind every project, craft, or artwork. There is a reason, inspiration, or need for making it happen. Often, that story becomes the inspiration point and reveals itself in the finished product. At other times, it stays firmly tucked away in the creator's mind.

When creating fabric art, this aspect of storytelling is always active in my work. The first clue you might be a storytelling creative is whether or not you feel compelled to give your project a name. I have to do this and, when I do, the project immediately takes on a life of its own. It becomes a personality with parameters of expression.

Since I'm also an author of contemporary fiction, I'm familiar with creating a story synopsis, capsulizing a story into a few paragraphs. This process forces a writer to adjust their focus until they've captured the core essence of their story. The same task can help an artist to capture the singularity or core idea or feeling they are endeavoring to create.

Try this exercise the next time you have an idea that you need to broaden or solidify. Think about your concept and the end result you want to achieve. Then write an actual story description for your project. Think about what's called a book blurb. Thats the snippet of information on the back cover of the book that gives you an adea of what the story is about. That small amount of information is a powerful tool for selling that book and it can be a powerful tool in giving you a clear vision of the project and where you want to take it.

Here is an example: This is the companion piece to my larger piece of artwork named, For The Love of Autumn. You can view that here.

My project description: 
Autumn inspires with courageous color. Leaves morph into artistic brilliance as if defying their imminent demise. In a moment in time, and with just a whisper, they release their hold on life and gracefully float downward. This is the time of year when I pause to reflect on the beauty of a single leaf.

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