Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Take it Outside - Unlock Your Creative Ingenuity Key # 11

Get outside and take a walk through your environment. It doesn't matter if it's a city street, country lane, or your own back yard, there is creative energy everywhere. Take lots of photos, large vistas and small details. Photograph everything, no matter your personal interest at the time. Then, examine your images, each and everyone has something to teach you and some will even inspire you. Try cutting out a small square, oval, or circle in the middle of a sheet of paper to use as a viewing window. Move this around your photo and you'll be amazed at the many wonderful scenes that exist within one image.
Lets's look at a few sample photos for suggestions. This architectural image is really wonderful. It gives me an idea for a quilt pattern from both a horizontal and vertical perspective. I really like the hardscape with straight lines that are broken by soft, draping lines. 

I like the mystery of this curving path that doesn't reveal it's destination.

Don't you just want to crop this photo to include the bicycle and then add your own original elements. What would you put in the basket? Maybe teddy bears, yellow daisies, rolls of fabric, or some fresh picked vegetables and fruit. And I'd make my bike candy-apple red with a black and white polka dot seat.

The point of Key #11 is to see with eyes of appreciation all the wonderful elements in your environment that lend themselves to creating an inspiring image in your mind. And remember to write a short introduction to your thoughts, a short story to describe you feelings toward what you like and what project you'd like to make with this. Describe the mood, the morning or evening light and how you want to capture it. Put all this in your Inspiration Workbook. In that way, you'll never lose the spark of excitement your images produce, even if years go by before you use them.

Storytelling - Key #8

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