Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Are You a Dim-Witted Creative?

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Welcome! I'm so happy you've found your way to my blog. I'm Lynda, the chief dimwit, and I'm very proud to make your acquaintance.

SO, you're probably thinking that this Dim-Witted thing is not for you, after all, doesn't dimwit mean Dumb, Ignorant, or maybe, Moron! It certainly can mean those things. But it also has other meanings or characteristics and those are the ones that, as creatives, we might share. Let's explore some of them. You'll recognize them by their red color.

We'd all like to think that, like the constancy of a natural waterfall, we overflow with energy, ideas, and beauty. But truth is, at times, creatives are just plain dull. You know what I mean. Remember that day last week when all your fresh ideas took an unscheduled vacation, leaving you with nothing but an airhead.

Or maybe it was that new medication your doctor prescribed that left you lame...lame-brained, that is, just when you desperately needed to make that deadline. Tell the truth, didn't you feel like a simpleton?

What about the time your, oh so brilliant, friend asked if you'd gotten the trendy gadget that everyone was raving about and that no 'true creative' would be without? Did you feel like a nincompoop because, of course, not only do you not have one, you don't even know what it is?

And let's not forget the long anticipated workshop you attended. Did everyone else, 'get it', while you lurked in the shadow of confusion? Those are real numskull moments we'd all like to forget.

I've been there, done them all and FEEL YOUR PAIN!

In my mind there are only two things that can help us Dimwits. What are they? Inspiration and Insight. We need them both in copious quantities.

I've been collecting usable ideas for unlocking a stash of inspiration, which you can find here and here.  I'll soon be gathering insights to share with all my fellow Dimwits.  Insights are like precious 'gems' of knowledge, perceptions, judgement, awareness, and the such. Just small jewels that every creative, no matter their chosen medium, needs in their toolbox.

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If you qualify as a Dim-Witted Creative, don't be shy, shout it out in the comment section. 

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