Monday, April 29, 2019

Insight #1 for the Dim-Witted Creative - Comfortable, yet Searching

Before reading further, you might want to see if you qualify as a Dim-Witted Creative.

You'll find my discussion on that here. After making sure that you're a certifiable dimwit, return and continue the journey with Insight #1.

Dim-Witted Creatives live a double-life in a muddled world. Here's an example of our fluctuating mind-sets.
  • I'm an artist - or maybe I'm delusional
  • I'm a creative - or maybe I'm just messy
  • I'm a natural born talent - no, I'm a miserable copycat
  • I design originals - no, that can't be true because my originals are a result of fixing mistakes
  • I've mastered many techniques - but truthfully, I don't understand most of them
  • My creative space is state-of-the-art - no, it's an over-sized closet with overflowing and unorganized chaos
  • My friends and family understand and adore my quirky talent - no, they humor and tolerate my craziness 
The really wonderful thing about all this craziness is what emerges from our topsy-turvy thoughts. Isn't it a fact that sometimes you surprise yourself with an ingenious technique, new method, beautiful design, or a finished project that looks like it came from a true creative? Don't you at times stand back and just say, WOW! I can't believe I created that. Where did the idea come from? How did I know to do this or that? 

Truth is, you didn't know, not consciously anyway. But the creative spirit that permeates every bone of your body does. All it needs you to do is to just dive in, give that creative spirit, energy, muse, or whatever you want to call it, a world of its own. Let it live and breathe. Follow wherever it wants to take you. You provide the comfort and it will do the searching for you.


  1. Love it! Perfect description of me!!

    1. Hi Gramsews, How lovely to meet another dimwit. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your nice comment.

  2. I just needed a boost and I've recently had a new spark light up in my creative brain. I am happily looking for supplies and inspiration for my new project. It was on the back burner simmering for years. I finally was able to turn up the heat on the idea and now things are really getting exciting again in my craft room.
    This is the perfect description of most of us if we admit it.

    1. Hi Marsha, How exciting! Can' wait for the big reveal...Don't you love it when something finally simmers itself into a spark of creative inspiration. Worth waiting for.