Sunday, April 21, 2019

Make the Switch - Unlock Your Creative Ingenuity Key # 13

Stagnation is a roadblock to creativity! What kind of stagnation, you ask?

Do you have one or two creative processes that you love and always do? When is the last time you switched to something new? It doesn't have to be completely different, but different enough to utilize different skills, problem solving, tools, and materials.

When we lose our inspiration, become sluggish in our enthusiasm for a new project, and have no desire to complete projects already started, it 's a really good sign we're in stagnation mode.

I love to design and create fabric art, but sometimes, I switch to other things to give that set of skills a rest, so to speak. Depending on my circumstances, I might spend more time in my flower garden, visiting festivals and art shows, dreaming up new recipes to try on my husband, or continue working on a new book I've started writing.

Lately, due to some health issues, I've needed to find something to do that allows me to sit while
working with my fabrics, etc. So, for a while, I'll switch from my fabric art to designing scrapbook and journaling embellishments, some of which I will sell in my Etsy Shop.

Making the switch, not only accommodates my physical situation, but in a positive aspect, it serves as a refreshing break from my normal creative processes and prevents creative stagnation.

When life throws you a curve, creatively speaking, just Make-the-Switch. Find a positive spark and go with that.

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