Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2019 Scrap Busting Challenge. Have you joined the fun?

We're 4 months into our 2019 Challenge. How are you doing?

I hope you're having fun finding a zillion ways to tackle those bags of scraps you've got stashed away. One small project each month is doable and stress-free. Don't overthink or plan elaborate items. Just create something you'd like to keep for yourself or an item you'd like to give away.

It's never too late to join the challenge. Jump in and have some fun... Have you fallen behind in submitting your challenge projects? No problem - check the challenge update here for instructions on how to catch up.

Current Challenge Standing:
Carrie - 4 of 12 - projects submitted
Kitty - 5 of 12 - projects submitted
Anne - 5 of 12 - projects submitted
Marsha - 2 of 12 - projects submitted
Wilma - 1 of 12 - project submitted
Shirlee - 1 of 12 - project submitted
Lynda (Me) - 5 of 12 - projects submitted

Here are the new projects submitted for our challenge participants.

Anne is new to our challenge and has submitted five projects that catches her up and she is now current and on track.
Project 1: Piano keys attached to a credit card tape to keep clean and rolled up

Anne Project 2: A jeans decoration for a package decoration.

Anne Project 3: Letters of my grandsons names glued on scraps

Anne Project 4: A new pc of material made from scraps of material and ribbon that I sewed on using wash away to keep them in place. Then I will cut heart shapes or other shapes to use as applique on jeans purses or little girl's blouses.

Anne Project 5: These are page bookmarks.
You put it on the corner of the page.
The triangle can go on either the right or left corner. It's 2-1/2" sq, 1 rt side up, 1 folded

 Kitty's Project:
I've been thinking about art journaling so I thought I would dress up the the little binders I use a lot. I.made slip covers for the front and back covers.

My (Lynda's) March Project is Junk Journal and Scrapbook page embellishments. Created using fabric, trims, laces, and paper.

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