Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Do Snippets Make You Nervous?

That question may sound a little strange so let me explain. The other day I was showing a friend some snippet trim I was designing. She looked it over really good and with a furrowed brow said, "It's pretty, but it kind of makes me nervous. There doesn't seem to be any order to all those bits of whatever and the colors don't match."

Well, I just had to laugh. I couldn't help myself. It struck me how intimidating those "bits of whatever" could be to someone else. Being the  Dim-Witted creative that I am, I find chaos and disorder to be wonderful design elements. But I wasn't always that way. In the beginning, when learning arts and craft techniques, everything had to be just so, all measured and squared up!

Learning to let go and just do what felt right at the time resulted in my adventure with snippets. And also my inability to throw away the tiniest of scraps, since eventually, I had to find ways to use them.

Snippets lend themselves to several design styles like freedom, boho, shabby chic, street, grunge, and many more. I love using them when embellishing art and junk journals, scrapbook pages, planners, and even my diary.

So, even if it makes you a little nervous at first, why not try using a few snippets in your next project.

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