Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Easy Altered Envelopes for Junk Journals, TN Journal, and Art Journals

For those who are just getting into junk/art journaling and who don't have buckets full of all the latest gadgets and supplies, here is a simple and easy way to alter an envelope for your project. If you can tear paper and use a glue stick, you've got the skills required for this.

Gather up some old magazines, catalogs, advertisements, etc. Then look for pages that have color you like, texture, interesting elements, shapes, etc. Tear out a few of these pages.

At this point, I usually tear sections of the page that I want to keep for future use. I like sections that have solid bright colors, blended colors, textures and interesting items, and sometimes wording. Then I will collage these pieces into something new as in the photos below.

I used torn pieces with texture, solid color (bright pink) for the background. Then I fussy-cut the face, floral, leaves, and other small elements to add for interest. These are glued to the opening side of the envelope. I then chose to sew the three sides to secure the pieces and add a little trim at the same time. Sewing is optional. You can glue the trim if you'd rather. I inked the back part of the envelope to coordinate the color to the artwork on the front. Super easy and cost effective.

You can view more of my journal embellishments in my Etsy shop, Icky Chic Designs. 

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