Monday, June 10, 2019

Make Altered Envelopes with Collage Sheets

You asked for it, so here is an example of how I use collage sheets to alter envelopes for journaling and scrapbooking. I will be using one of my new digital collage sheets that are now available in my Etsy shop - Icky Chic Designs. *Remember, you don't have to use each element exactly the way it's printed. I often cut elements up into specific sections when creating a collage. The point is, be creative and use your own imagination and design skills when putting your collage together.
If you like to use altered envelopes in your journaling and scrapbooking pages, it's really exciting to make them into works of art by using a simple paper collage technique. I used pages torn from some discarded magazines to create the solid colored background and then started placing my fussy-cut collage pieces on top of that. I colored the edges  of the envelope with ink. You could use crayons, paint, ink, or whatever you have on hand. 
When I got the bigger pieces the way I wanted them, I used a little glue stick, just enough to keep them from moving while I sewed them to the envelope. I like to sew them because I like the textured effect that the stitches create. However, you don't have to sew them. You can simply adhere them to the envelope with your choice of glue.
My next step is to add a little embellishment. I did this in two ways. (1) I added a floral at the top left. (2) The next thing I did was use some of the off-cuts left over from fussy cutting the collage pieces. These off-cuts often have interesting curves, shapes, and a smidgeon of color that are just perfect for adding more interest to you project or, use them to cover small problem areas. 

It's amazing how many ways you can collage the same elements, creating multiple embellishments for you journal or scrapbook pages. Be sure to visit my shop often as I'll be adding more digital collage sheets of my original handmade embellishments. 

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