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I'm not sure which I love to do more, fabric art or writing contemporary fiction. So I strive to find time for both. Each gives me a different challenge and personal satisfaction.

After having my books with a publisher for many years, I recently ended that contract and decided to put them on a platform where they could be read FREE of charge. (WATTPAD) Download this app to your computer or mobile device and start reading.

Check them out, you might find something that you'll enjoy.

Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book One
He was the last man on earth she wanted,  but she was the only woman on earth he'd have...From the skyscrapers of New York City to the ancient sands of Ahalamin, two untamed hearts war for supremacy.

~She hated him. But she hated herself more. With his masculinity he'd destroyed her confidence, torn through her defenses until he had reached a core of sensuality so alien it terrified her. Why now, in this violent vortex of emotion, did she want to surrender? Fearful as she was, a stronger need prevailed. She wanted to know. Could she entice this man? Could she channel the awesome force of his raw power, gentle him with a willing response? Would he allow her, a mere woman, such sensual mastery as he exerted over her now? ~


Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book Two
A botched abduction by a local terrorist group at a Middle East airport leaves Jessica imprisoned in a sweltering desert camp awaiting execution. She needs a miracle--but the Devil will have to do.

Califar Cadin, First Regent of the Middle Eastern country of Ahalamin, is a man of tradition, authority, and determination. But to Jessica Heathly, he's the arrogant tyrant who calls her WIFE.


Texas Heat 

An ex-con looking for revenge...
A rich widow looking for redemption...
A fatherless boy looking for answers...
"I know who you are." The frizzy-haired woman snorted. "Miss Tiffany said I was to keep an eye out for you. Yep, she said I'd know you when I saw you. You probably don't remember me, seeing as how we never met face to face. But I remember all those nights at Texas Glory when you snuck up the road to see Miss Tiffany, all quiet like. You ain't changed none, still got that cocky walk. You may as well come on in. I suppose you got to do what you got to do."


Stay or Go

Innocence meets Arrogance...Stormee Waters is a young woman with little money, loads of responsibility, and a new job in a new city. Her first assignment as a writer for a Houston social magazine lands her in the clutches of CEO, Dirk Savage. Will Stormee decide to STAY OR GO...


The Binding Thread 

A Short Fantasy - 
What happens when a girl pushes the limits of belief too far...


The Devil and Miss Olivia  

This is a new story I've just begun to write. Why not take the journey with me as I build this story on Wattpad. Don't forget that you can rate and comment on any part of a story.

Olivia Porter's part-time job as Activity Director for Serenity Assisted Living, gives her more headaches than her kindergarten teaching position. But what has her feisty group of octogenarian clients planning war strategies can be summed up in the name - Dezo Varian, the handsome devil whose very presence spells disaster for Miss Olivia's sweet reputation? 

Dezo Varian has been trained his entire life for one purpose only, to further the interests of his father's Colombian drug cartel. He's spent the last four years establishing a legitimate US based corporation that appears to have no connection to the Colombian drug trade. No one knows better than Dezo how thin a line that is.  Raised by a violent and money-crazed father and targeted by equally dangerous and greedy competitors, he's survived every type of threat--until now--until Miss Olivia appeared in front of him, until she looked at him with those pure, innocent eyes that tore his heart from his chest...again!


The JETS Equation - Book One - Sitnalta

This is a work in progress. Actually, it's my first attempt at writing a novel in the scifi/fantasy genre. My fascination with the legend of Atlantis inspired this original story. I envision writing this as a trilogy, with Sitnalta being the first book in that series. Sitnalta is near completion, so why not give it a read and let me know what you think...

Atlantis is dead--Or is it?

The hidden, undersea city of Sitnalta is one of three Daughter-Cities of Atlantis; the other two reside only in legend and ancient prophecy. The Sitnaltians believe the ultimate hope for saving all humanity from extinction lies in finding these hidden cities and unraveling their secrets. To accomplish this, they initiate the Gathering and catapult eight young adults into a destiny undreamt-of. 

Atlantis' last prophecy becomes all humanities' call-to-action. "PREPARE FOR THE TRIPLE RISING..."

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