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I'm not sure which I love to do more, fabric art or writing contemporary fiction. So I strive to find time for both. Each gives me a different challenge and personal satisfaction.

After having my books with a publisher for many years, I recently ended that contract and decided to put them on a platform where they could be read FREE of charge. (WATTPAD) Download this app to your computer or mobile device and start reading.

Check them out, you might find something that you'll enjoy.

Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book One

Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book Two


Stay or Go

The Binding Thread - A short Fantasy

The Devil and Miss Olivia  
This is a new story I've just begun to write. Why not take the journey with me as I build this story on Wattpad. Don't forget that you can rate and comment on any part of a story.

The JETS Equation - Book One - Sitnalta
This is a work in progress. Actually, it's my first attempt at writing a novel in the scifi/fantasy genre. My fascination with the legend of Atlantis inspired this original story. I envision writing this as a trilogy, with Sitnalta being the first book in that series. Sitnalta is near completion, so why not give it a read and let me know what you think...

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Have you read one of my books? What are your thoughts on the story?

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