Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines for Artisans and Crafters (In my opinion, ALL creative people are artists)

How to write for my blog. It's absolutely okay to write just one short article on a specific aspect of your work. Being specific allows for many topics to be considered in different articles. Just pick the option that is most comfortable for you. 

General Guideline: Article should have a word count of 50 - 800
  • A sentence or two introducing yourself (short bio)
  • A short introduction to your article theme.
  • The body of your article discussing your chosen theme. Here are some suggested ideas to get you started. Don’t make it complicated. Just be yourself.
    1. Why you have created the work and it's history.
    2. Your overall vision.
    3. How you hope your audience will react.
    4. How your current work relates to your previous work.
    5. How your work fits into a series of projects you have done.
    6. Sources and inspiration for your project
    7. Artists you have been influenced by or learned from. Other influences.
    8. How a certain technique is important to the work.
    9. Artists you admire, and why.
    10. A work in progress, what you hope to achieve.
    11. Topics about your creative process
    12. About your creative workspace
    13. Pivotal lessons you’ve learned as an artist
    14. Tips on art promotion
    15. Your favorite color palette, and why
    16. Drawings from your sketch/design book
    17. Inspiration behind a particular piece of your artwork
    18. Opinions about a particular workshop, seminar, or demonstration you’ve attended
    19. Art competition or show you’re taking part in
    20. Self-critique one of your own artworks
    21. A critique of another artist’s work
    22. Favorite artist quotes and why
    23. Your published artwork
    24. How do you explain your art style to others
    25. What inspires you
    26. Your favorite social network for sharing and promoting your art, why
    27. Places you’ve traveled that have inspired your artwork
    28. Your preferred art tools and mediums
    29. Your preferred art supply websites and stores
    30. Your goals for the future
    31. An art technique you’ve invented
    32. How you handle criticism of your art
    33. How has life or nature inspired your art
    34. An art gallery or exhibition you recently visited
    35. Favorite art video from Youtube
    36. How you cope with artist block
    37. Do you sell/not sell your art, why
    38. Have you donated art to charity, share your experience
    39. Do you title your art and how do you choose a title for your artwork
    40. How do you balance studio time with work, life, etc
    41. The music you play or the mood you set in your creative space
    42. Awards you’ve won
    43. Time management tips for artists
    44. Tips on creating a series of artwork
    45. Collaboration with other artists
    46. What intimidates you the most about being an artist
  • Include 1 personal photo (headshot preferred) Jpg. Format
  • Include up to 6 photos in jpg. Format. (You must have legal copyright to these photos)
  • Include up to 3 preferred links

Send your guest post information and jpg photos to (Send photos as an attachment - DO NOT put them in the body of your email.)

*I may do some editorial edits on your article for posting on my blog. However, I will not change your intent or content in any significant manner without your permission.

*Please avoid articles that are political, cultural, religious, lifestyle, or holiday themed. These topics might be a side-point to your main theme but should not be the focus of your guest post. (example: You might be writing about topic #37 and mention that you mostly sell at craft fairs around certain holidays. That brief mention would be considered a side-point, not the theme of your article.) 

We want to keep these guest posts informative, non-controversial, and enjoyable. Thank you

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